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Saturday, February 7, 2015

What happens next...

So here I am, writing about writing. Meta-writing? Sigh.
 I've met several writers that swear by outlining their stories. Others call themselves 'pantsters', because they write in the moment. Others rely on formulas (math...the humanity) to plot their stories.

Good question.
Now that my first novel is out, I've yet to come up with an specific writing approach. If you know me, you know I strive for excellence. I research, study, research some more, then work my ass off, rinse, and repeat. Hell, it took me three years to finally publish Hold My Heart, even though I drafted the bulk of the story in four weeks.
But here's the thing with me: I just write scenes as I see them in my head.
Am I crazy? I don't know. But that's how it works for me.
Characters pop up at the most inconvenient times: while I'm in the shower, house cleaning, and driving. Yes, driving!

And when they show up, I have to type it up, right then and there. Otherwise, poof. It's gone.
Very frustrating sometimes. I've heard that it's a good habit to sit down and write everyday. I'm trying. For me, mornings and late nights are best. My mind is clearer, and I can focus. Right now, I have about 80% of HMH's sequel written out, and the final installment in the series about 20%. I just have to revise, re-revise, research, revise again, check for smooth chapter transitions, make sure the story flows, the characters stay within character, then revise some more. Why am I talking about this?
Because I'm hoping that if you liked Hold My Heart, you'll be patient. Tommy would like you to be patient, Lil, Will, Chris...because I have to wait for them to tell me what happens now.

I know, yes! I'm asking a lot. I just want to make sure all my books receive the same kind of attention to detail and quality as my first one -- if not better.
It's who I am. I won't put anything out I don't feel is my best.
The good news? I learn as I go. The first time it was all new. Now, I've learned a lot from my first book. I'm more efficient. My first drafts are more polished than before. Like raising kids, with the first one we learn as we go. By the time we have that third kid, we're seasoned, more prepared, and more confident in our abilities. Same with me when it comes to writing.
I'm still planning on the sequel of Hold My Heart to release this year.
I'll keep you guys posted on my progress. Let's hope Lil, Tommy, and Will continue to enlighten me.
All I can promise you is one hell of a ride.

Are you a also a writer? What works for you? I'm always eager to learn --hence my obsession with writing classes and workshops...and research about writing.
Feel free to share. I'm dying to hear: what works for you?

E.M. Soto

Hold My Heart, Book 1 - The Heart Series

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